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You will find a comprehensive range of used industrial laundry equipment here. All checked thoroughly, of course, by our technicians. Please call us if you cannot find the right system. We often know whether and where a suitable machine may become available for you.
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KO1838 Dryer Dryer Kannegiesser D-60-D-WU-R-B-PAF-IR
KO1837 Dryer Dryer Kannegiesser D-60-WU-TWR-B-PAF-IR
KO1836 Dryer Dryer Kannegiesser D-60-WU-TWL-B-PAF-IR
KO1835 Dryer Dryer Kannegiesser D-60-WU-TWR-B-PAF-IR
KO1834 Dryer Dryer Kannegiesser D-60-WU-TWL-B-PAF-IR
KO1833 Transfer vertical conveyor Transfer vertical conveyor Kannegiesser LSC 50.13.10 R
KO1832 Intermediate conveyor Intermediate conveyor Kannegiesser GF1050/2290
KO1831 Water extraction press Water extraction press Kannegiesser PP10-50-40 AT-LI-LL
KO1830 Continuous batch washer Continuous batch washer Kannegiesser PT50-10
ID7730 Ironer Ironer IPSO ACL800-3000E
Water extraction press Senking SEP72HD-SE
Dryer Kannegiesser D120 G-WU-L-K-IR
ID7701 Dryer Dryer Kannegiesser D40 G-WU-L-B
ID7699 Folding machine Folding machine Kannegiesser MKF 35-3
ID7698 Folding machine Folding machine Kannegiesser RFM 35-1/2/33-KR3-...
ID7697 Ironer Ironer Kannegiesser HPM 12-35-2
ID7696 Feeding machine Feeding machine Kannegiesser EMD 35-01+2-1/2/3
ID7693 Folding machine Folding machine Jensen Universal
ID7692 Drywork folding machine Drywork folding machine Kannegiesser AFM-SB-22-T-LH
ID7691 Drywork folding machine Drywork folding machine Jensen Towelmaster
ID7685 Dryer Dryer Böwe Passat 258.50G-WU
ID7684 Dryer Dryer Böwe Passat 258.50G-WU
ID7683 Dryer Dryer Lavatec TT735D
ID7682 Dryer Dryer Lavatec TT735D
Dryer Lavatec TT733D
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